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How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Workout

My husband and I are pretty devoted Walking Dead Fans. We've watched from the beginning and as the show continues to get more gruesome and crazier with every season, we have moments that we say "I don't think I'm going to watch this anymore", especially after our beloved characters are killed off. The problem is, we are way too invested to give up now! We have to endure to the end along with these characters that have made their way into our hearts. This may seem a little obsessive, but you have to admit you've all had at least one show that has brought out just a little bit of obsession in you, right?! (or is it just me?) In honor of the Season 8 premiere and with Halloween coming up, I thought it would be fun to show you some exercises that would help you to survive a Zombie take over!

By the way, It was really fun trying to channel my Inner "Michonne" (just a freaking awesome character who is seriously Bad-A) for this picture. I think this may be the first time I've been able to do a serious face for the camera without cracking up!

Here's the Breakdown of the workout and Why I chose each exercise for Survival!

1. Ledge Pull ups (you can also do jumping pull ups on a bar or even Lat pull downs to start strengthening your back)

-This exercise will get you ready for climbing Fences, brick walls and trees of all kinds, which is essential to escape a horde of Zombies coming your way!

In real life, you never know when you may be pursued by someone and need get over a wall (hopefully, not the police. I'm not trying to assist criminals here ;) ) or maybe there is just a really great cookie on the other side that you need to get to! I would definitely climb a wall for a good cookie.

-If you ever do a Spartan or other obstacle race then this will definitely come in handy!

2. Resistance Band Tricep Stabs

- ok, this may sound a little gruesome, but in every Zombie show i've watched, It is necessary to target the brain if you want the zombie dead for real! In Walking dead they've used about any weapon or tool you could think of to accomplish the task! This exercise strengthens the triceps and prepares you for a good strong stab to the head!

In real life, look out for some amazing arms! Also, It's a great strengthening exercise for hanging things on walls with a hammer!

3. Hop Overs (you can start by jumping over a bench and slowly move to higher objects)

-This exercise will help you to be ready to jump over any short fences, parked cars, or random objects in your path as you run for your life! Sure, you could try to completely hurdle over it, but if it was me I would probably catch my foot and trip to my death! I'm not too prideful to use my hands and get over as quick as possible!

-In Real life it will also help you to be ready for objects in your path! Parkour anyone? It's also great Cardio and really works your core!

4. Body Scooch Unders!

-I don't know how many times I've seen the characters on Walking Dead have to drop down and get under a car to either escape Zombies or hide from some other crazy survivors! I was excited that my exercise shown worked perfectly for the real thing when I got under that car.

Now for real life! Not only does it work a lot of different muscle groups, I really think this could come in handy at least one time in your life, even if it's during a game of Hide-and-go-seek! Just don't practice with random people's cars or they may mistake you for one of those crazies that hide under people's cars and get their ankles! Ya, that's a real thing people do!

5. Swinging Ball Slams

-Strengthen your swing with this one so you're ready to take down a Zombie with an Axe, sword, or even a baseball Bat!! I had way too much fun smashing that pumpkin! It did take me a few more swings than shown before it actually broke to pieces though!

-You'll also be ready for real like attackers, Just keep a baseball bat handy!

This workout was all for fun, but It was such a fun and challenging workout! Give it a try! Just remember to listen to your body and be careful!

Also, remember escape a zombie, you only have to run faster than the person next to you;)

and don't trip!! In the show, they always trip for some reason!


Do these exercises at your own risk and if you ever encounter zombies and these don't save you then Fitness Underground cannot be held responsible.

Kidding, but not kidding....

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