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Hi There! My name is Faith Davis. I'm a lucky wife and a mom of two crazy boys that I love dearly although they may be the death of me!

To me, Fitness is not a certain body type or having six pack abs! It is having the strength and energy to do all of the amazing things our bodies are made for! I believe our bodies are a gift and we should appreciate them by taking care of them and using them to do good in the world! 

 I worked in different gyms for 7 years as an NASM certified personal trainer and loved it! After my first kiddo was born, I decided to stay home and focus more on him. Since then, I have had fun training friends and myself  to keep up everything I have learned and stay fit. Now, I am starting a new endeavor to share my workouts and advice with anyone  who wants it so I can help as many people as possible to feel great and live a healthy lifestyle! I chose the name Fitness Underground for my website because not only do I workout primarily in my basement, but my workouts are also not the typical mainstream style . I like to do a combination of workout styles to stay well rounded and keep it Interesting! I hope you find my website helpful in becoming the "Best You" that you can be! I always welcome positive feedback and suggestions. I'm hoping to build a community here where we support and cheer each other on! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better!





















My site and my workouts are free. I make no guarantees, nor do I assume any liability  for any pain or accidents that may occur while you are doing my workouts. I am not currently certified so any of my videos that you follow will be under your own discretion and liability.

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