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Bodyweight Workout with a Chair!

I've gotten a lot of people asking if I can do longer versions of my workouts that they can do along with me and I really just wanted to stay in my comfort zone of no talking in my videos, but I know it is about time I start getting over my fears! I started this blog and my social media accounts so that I could really help others reach their fitness goals and show that you can workout anywhere with limited equipment so Here goes a real time workout that you can do along with me and see my in all my awkward glory!

I did 1 full round of the workout so you can do one with me and then start the video over for another round or do it on your own if you're comfortable! I left out the music so you can hear my instructions better! Go ahead and play your own favorite music along with it if you want! Make sure to Warm up before you start and stretch after the workout!

Here's the Workout!

I did 3 rounds! 10 reps of everything! Rest when you need to!

-elevated plank with knee hover and jack ( Jump or walk your feet)

-box jump to1-leg squat down (you can step up or jump up and land 1 or 2 feet)

-other leg

-tricep pushup to walking plank extension (the higher the the surface the easier it will be)

-ab tuck to 1-leg stand up and lunge jump combo (you can just step forward and back in lunge without jump)

Here is the shorter version of the Workout if you don't want to do it all with me!!

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