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Sliding Circuit With Optional Mini Bands

Not only is this sliding workout a super fun way to exercise, it is also low impact! Jumping around is one of my favorite things, but I know that It doesn't feel great on everyone's joints. Sometimes, it's good to take a break from all of the high impact and give the joints a break. Don't worry though, this one still had my muscles on fire and I was already sweating during the first round! You can do it with or without the Mini Bands! They just make it more challenging and give the leg and glute muscles an extra workout! You can do this first round along with me and finish off more rounds by yourself or replay the video to do it again!

* I did 3 Rounds

-10 Squat shuffles with plank slide outs(used heavy band)

-20 alternating arm extensions on knees

-10 each leg- side lunge with leg raise (used medium band)

-20 crab bridge with 3 alternating leg ext and opp hand to foot (used heavy band)

-10 push up with 2 straight leg reptiles (used light band)

Here is the Quick Version as well! Have a Great Workout!

Side note: I recorded my last workout 3 times and this time I only had to do it once and decided to keep it the way it was so I know these will get better the more I practice! Thank you for being Patient with me!!

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