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Lean Legs Workout With Kettlebell or Dumbells!

I Did 1 Full round of this workout with instructions because I feel like it has some combos that may seem a little complicated at first! This workout is focused on lower body, but of course there is still upper body in there because I can't help it! I'm always about working as many muscles as I can in the time I have! It's about the only multitasking I'm good at! It also has a lot of Unilateral movements for balance and strengthening each side individually so one side doesn't depend on the other stronger side. You can do this workout with kettlebells or dumbbells and I'll show you examples using each. Here is the Breakdown!

Do 10 reps of everything in the first round, 8 reps the second round, then 6, then 4!

-10 each side: 1- leg deadlift to 1 knee with curl and press

-10 each arm- Goblet squat jump to bent over 1-arm row

-10 each side- chest press to get up with 1-leg bridge

-10 each side- 1-arm swing to windmill abs

Here is a condensed version so you can see a glimpse of the Workout!!

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