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Quick Core Workout For Beginners to Advanced!

Hey Guys! I loved all of the suggestions of things you'd like to see on the blog! I got a few requests for a Core Workout and I was excited that it was core you asked for instead of strictly abs! I feel like it's a lot more effective to do exercises that target the muscles in your abs, back and obliques all at once! I don't actually do strictly core workouts very often because most of the workouts I do always work the core along with a lot of other muscle groups, but here are a few of my favorite exercises! This workout will work the core from all different angles to really pull in all the muscles like a nice belt around your mid-section! I do one round in the video so you can repeat it and do it along with me again or do a few more rounds on your own if you'd like!

*Do 3 Rounds or whatever you can!

-20 Plank Supermans or modified versions

-10 Leg hover to knee tuck

-10 each side- Side plank dip with knee to elbow or modified versions

-10 each side- 1Bicycle crunch to reverse crunch

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