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500 Rep Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

I was on vacation last week, which is why I didn't post any workouts on here! I will talk more about it in my next post, but one thing I learned was that everything is harder in the sand, especially barefoot! This workout needs no equipment and is only 1 round! Feel free to do more, but 1 round is enough for a super exhausting workout that will burn calories and work your whole body! I love this style of workout because even though there are a lot of reps for each movement, once you are done with those reps, you don't have to go back and repeat it again! sometimes it's nice to get something over with all at once! It also really fatigues the muscles because you aren't breaking it up into smaller amounts at a time.

make sure to time yourself so you can try to beat your own time and see how you've improved a few weeks down the road. Take breaks when you need them and then keep going! I had to take quite a few breaks! You can also cut down the amount of reps if you need too! My time was 18:07

1 Round for Time:

50 Oblique high knees

50 Lateral Lunge jumps

50 Squat to Squat jump

50 Plank Jacks

50 Reverse lunge to twist (25 each side)

50 Push ups

50 Chest lifts

50 Reverse Plank Hip Dips

50 Lateral Donkey Jumps

50 Star Jumps

*Remember to do a Warm up before and a stretch after! You can comment with your time at the bottom or on my Instagram! I'd love to hear how it went!

*I would love it if you subscribed to my You Tube channel as Well if you enjoy my workouts!!

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