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Slip N' Slide Bodyweight Workout With No equipment besides your Socks!

Here is a Sliding Workout that is low impact, but gives a high burn for your muscles and calories! If you have hard floors then all you need are socks and a mat or a rug for your knees. If you have carpet then you can use plastic bags or frisbees to slide on. Check each exercise listed below for tips on form! I know, I also haven't posted more about my Bahamas trip yet! You guys should know that I'm not a lover of writing so I keep it pretty sweet and to the point with my posts!

*I did 3 Rounds

•10 Plank extensions( On this one, only go back as far as you can before your back starts sinking down. Keep your abs tight and in a slight crunch position so you don't feel it in your lower back at all

•10 each side- 1-leg dead lift to slide out (keep back as straight as you can and hinge at the hips as you go down until you have to bend your knee)

•20 alternating 1 arm extensions on knees- with 1 leg up ( on this one, you only slide your arm out as far as you have strength for. It is ok if you are only extending slightly out at first. keep abs tight)

•20 alternating dancing side planks ( If you aren't strong enough to do the dip yet, that's ok. You can also keep both hands on the floor if you need to!)

•20 alternating 3 way sliding lunges(curtsy, straight back, and lateral) Remember to keep the knee behind to toe and knees and toes should always be facing in the same direction!

*remember to keep abs tight during each exercise!! Don't forget your warm up and stretch!!

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