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To 50 and Back! Bodyweight Workout with No Equipment Needed

This workout was really challenging for me because I timed myself and that always pushes me to work a lot harder! My time was 30:42. I did pistol squats on the first round counting up, but had to do the modified 1-legged squats on the 2nd round going back down because my legs were so exhausted! My quads and glutes were so sore I couldn't walk normal for a few days after so don't feel bad about modifying, especially on your first try!

*Go through the amount of reps listed for each exercise and when you get to the last exercise,(50 swimmers) then go back down through them from the 45 rep exercise, all the way back to the 5 rep. You can definitely do just 1 round counting up or split it however you need too! Time yourself so you can see your improvement next time!

5x - Wall climbs or pike pushup with walk outs

10x - 2 low jacks to 1 tuck jump

15x - squat jump to bucking horse ( you can do squat without jump to modify and you don't have to go as high as me for the bucking horse)

20x - Alternating Pistol squats or 1-leg squats on bench (keep knees behind toes. keep back as straight as you can)

25x - Each side- Side V ups (you can bend knees to make it a little easier)

30x - Alternating sides- Pushups with knee resting on elbow (you can do on knee to modify)

35x - Crab kicks

40x - Rotating lunge jumps (you can do lunges with no jump to modify as shown)

45x - Pendulums

50x - Swimmers

*Now count down back through them if you dare! be careful and do what works for you!

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