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Healthier Egg Nog French Toast

First, let me just say that I tried so hard to make my picture look as good as this tasted, but it just wasn't working out for me. This was like dessert instead of breakfast and I think this is my new favorite french toast. That is saying a lot because my two favorite things for Breakfast are french toast and crepes so I've had a lot of different kinds. My kids absolutely love it as well! It was also one of the easiest things I've ever made which is definitely a plus. I like to keep it really simple when it comes to cooking. If something has more than 5 ingredients, there's definitely a possibility I may not make it. I also like to keep it simple with my writing so let's get to the recipe!

Ingredients for 2 servings (so you can save some for later or share):

- 4 slices of bread ( I used Granny's Delight Sprouted Wheat Bread)

-1/2 cup of Silk Brand Coconut Egg Nog (90 cal per serving) or Almond Breeze Egg Nog (70 cal per serving) They always sell out fast so get your hands on as many as you can!

-1/2 cup of egg whites (I buy them in cartons as Costco)

-dash of cinnamon and nutmeg

Optional add-ins for more protein

- 1 scoop of Further Food Collagen Protein ( this has no flavor and is great for your skin, hair, nails, joints and gut) Click here to check it out! use Code: FitnessU for 5% off

- 1/2 scoop of Lovella Nutrition Vanilla Whey Protein (I really like this brand because they use a natural sweetener, but you can use any vanilla protein)


Put all ingredients besides bread in a medium bowl and Whisk. If you added the protein options in then Whisk really good to get any clumps out! Dip the bread on each side and hold in mixture for about 3 sec to soak it in. Cook on a griddle or Pan on about 325-350 degrees so it cooks a little slower and gets the middle cooked real good. I would say about medium heat on the stove top. If you use the syrup listed below, (which is really yummy) then make sure you pour on right before eating so it doesn't get the toast soggy.

For the Syrup

- 2 tsp pure maple syrup

- 1 Tbs of silk brand caramel creamer ( you could replace this with other delicious creamer flavors of choice)


Add the 2 ingredients together and warm in the microwave for 10 sec. It will be a pretty thin syrup, but so delicious! Stir together and pour it on the French Toast right before eating so it doesn't make it start getting soggy.

For 2 pieces of French toast:

-approx 270 calories and 12g of protein without protein add ins

-approx 330 calories and 20g of Protein with protein add ins

Calories for 1/2 the syrup: approx 33 cal

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