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Delta Children Revolve vs. Bugaboo Bee 5 Stroller Comparison

Best Baby Stroller of 2021

I have bought a lot of strollers in my lifetime, I mean in the last 10 years at least. I've always had to have a few different strollers at one time because none of them worked for all occasions. I always had a jogging stroller, a small umbrella stroller that's easy to take everywhere and a stroller that my baby's car seat can pop into.

That was until a few months ago when I found the Delta Children Revolve Stroller and my dreams of only needing one came true!

What?! I finally found the unicorn of strollers?

Let me tell you why. Although, it's not an actual jogging stroller, it rides smoother and is easier to maneuver than my actual jogging stroller. It isn't bulky and heavy – it’s actually super lightweight so I don't mind taking it wherever I go, even down skinny shopping aisles. (You moms know what I mean if you've ever had one of those jumbo stroller combos with the car seat pop in). Last, but not least, it can hold an infant car seat AND has a bassinet attachment! That means you can start using it right away with your newborn. Oh Happy Day!

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to try out another popular stroller and as bad as I felt about cheating on my unicorn stroller, I thought I better check out its competition and make sure I'm not missing out.

I'm hoping that by sharing the details of this comparison with you guys, your stroller search will be a little easier. Every stroller is so different and it's kind of hard to know what you want in one until you've had to use them. Us mamas got to help each other out. So here we go!

Delta Children Revolve Stroller VS. Bugaboo Bee 5 Stroller


The Delta Children Revolve Stroller coming in at only $299 is up against the Bugaboo Bee 5 Stroller starting at $599.

Is the Bee worth the extra cost? Let's find out.

Winner: The Revolve

Ease of Assembly

First things first, the difficulty in assembly of anything that gets shipped to me sets the tone of how I feel about that product.

We had the Delta Children stroller fully assembled within 3 minutes. In the words of my husband, "That was the easiest thing We've ever put together". Pop in a few wheels here, slide in the handle there and Wallah!

The Bugaboo Stroller took me about an hour with a lot more pieces that needed put together and somewhat confusing instructions. Honestly, I'm still not sure if I put the canopy together right. It could've been my lack of skills, but it wasn't the most fun experience. That's not a deal breaker, but the Revolve earned some extra points after that.

Winner: The Revolve


This next category isn't the most important, but aesthetics do run pretty high on the list. I feel like they are both really nice looking strollers so you can't go wrong. I do love all the leather accents on the Delta Children Revolve. Genuine leather is on the handle, as well as the canopy and child handle which gives it such a classy look. You can have leather on the Bugaboo Bee 5 handle as well, but at extra cost.

Winner: Tie! But the leather accents are included with the Revolve (and you have to pay more to upgrade on the Bugaboo)


Ok, now the folding and unfolding. Anyone else feel like there should be a required standard for this? Sometimes, It's quite the mystery to be solved. I finally become an expert on my own and then I need to help my sister with her stroller one day while we're shopping and I feel like a dummy all over again!

The Revolve has a pretty cool set up actually. You twist a bar under the seat and it folds in half and automatically gets latch so it will stay in place. That bar is also what you use to carry it around so you can do it all with one arm and it will stand up by itself in that same folded position. To unfold, you just unlatch it and grab the top handlebar to unfold. All pretty simple and convenient in my opinion.

The Bugaboo collapses easily as well, but you have to use both hands to push buttons and pull up the locked sliding clips on each side. It can't stand up in it's folded position and doesn't have a designated carrying handle. The unfolding is nice and easy using just one hand to brace and a foot to push down on the bottom. I would still choose the Revolve in this case because I can do it all with one hand if I'm holding my baby as well.

Winner: The Revolve

Reversible Seat

Let's move on to some other important details.

Both strollers have reversible seating, which is really nice. I have to say the Revolve was much easier to switch it around, though. It pulls out in a straight up position and is marked so you know exactly where to line up and slide the seat back in.

The Bee 5's Seat has to be all the way forward or back to pull out which means the handle bar gets in the way and takes more work to get back in at an angle.

Winner: The Revolve

Extended Canopy

The canopy on the Revolve can extend to almost completely cover the seat and has a hidden mesh window to peek in on your baby. This is so nice when the sun is at a weird spot and getting them right in the face or if some wind and rain start up while your out, at least they are almost completely covered. It is also rated at UPF 50+ so the kiddo has protection from the sun.

The Canopy on the Bee 5 has an extension as well, but no mesh window and it doesn't open and close as smoothly. It does come with a rain cover that you can attach when needed.

Winner: The Revolve


The wheels are larger on the Revolve which is perfect for me because my neighborhood has pretty rough roads and the larger wheels make the ride smoother for my little guy. They also makes it easier to maneuver with one hand when I'm walking the dog as well.

Winner: The Revolve

Adjustable Handlebar

I love how easy it is to extend the handle bar for the tall people on the Revolve! A one handed button and it slides up or down. The Bee uses latches on both that you need to undo before sliding the bar.

Winner: The Revolve

Extra Features

The revolve also comes with a removable child bar which isn't a feature the Bee has.

They both have storage baskets below which is a definite must. It always made me so annoyed when I'd take my umbrella stroller somewhere and realize I don't have anywhere to put things.

Winner: The Revolve

Overall, I was super happy with my first purchase of the Revolve after doing all of the comparisons. Coming in at half the price with so many great features makes it a no brainer for me. It also just felt more sturdy and high quality which makes sense being Delta. They do more safety testing than any other brand and everything is high quality.

Just remember, more expensive doesn't always mean better. Sometimes you are just paying for the name. It always helps me to look at a lot of reviews and ask friends what they like and dislike about products they've used.

I hope this helped you guys a little on the journey of finding your unicorn stroller! Good luck!!


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