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Tabata Time Bodyweight Workout!

All you need for this workout is a timer! It is an interval workout that is a mix of cardio and strength to burn calories, train your heart to recover and strengthen all your muscles!

*Do 30 sec work and 10 sec Rest for 6 rounds of each exercise. Rest 1 min and move on to the next exercise! Take it at your own pace and rest if needed!

•dive bomber to opp toe touch

•3 forward/back lunge push offs to 1 straight up lunge jump

•burpee with 1 jump forward and 2 jumps back

•plank to knee hover jump with 1 leg donkey kick

•side V ups ( alternate every 30 sec)

•squat down-straighten legs- back to squat then knee to elbow Bonus- 3 straight leg fire hydrant circles to rainbow kick and tap .

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