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Challenging Bodyweight Workout With Modifications!

This was such a fun workout for me because I was really in the mood for a challenge and it definitely gave it to me! I got the crazy lunge jump and wall plank from Kaisafit who is one of my new fitness heros! There are modifications for most of the exercises and they will still give you an awesome workout! I'm really hoping this nice weather will hold out for a little while longer because its been so nice to get outside in the fresh air to sweat! This workout can be done anywhere though! Go get it guys and please be careful!

*2-3 Rounds (1round took me almost 10 min)

5x-push up-pike-handstand push up combo (or just push up to pike push up/you can put a small pillow on the ground for safety and something to tap your head on. even getting into the handstand is amazing so dont worry about how far you go down in the handstand push up!)

10x- straight up lunge jump with Super Mario and lunge jump combo (or just straight up lunge jump and the lunge jump)

15x-Super man rollover to 1-leg bridge

20x-(10 each side)Wall side plank with lower knee to elbow (you can do this on floor as well)

25x-Squat to scissor jump-squat to tuck jump ( or just a squat jump or regular squat)

*Don"t forget to Stretch!

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