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Quick Hiit Workout with Plyometrics!

Here is a Quick Workout for you to do when you are short on time, but really want to get your heart pumping! I did it last week and I was so out of breathe! I didn't do instructions for this one so if you have questions you can comment or message me on Instagram and Facebook! You can do this for time intervals or reps, whichever is better for you!

*Do 2-3 Rounds of 45 sec work/15 rest or just 10 reps for each exercise

-Baby Kart wheels ( that's what I'm calling them!)

-Burpee to in and out plyo push up

-Jump forward/back/ and up

-right leg -2 Bulgarian split squat jumps to 1-leg pike

-left leg- same

*Remember to stretch!

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