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Using Bands for Resistance and Assistance!

I have always loved Resistance Bands, but lately it's been at a whole new level! The infinity style of the ones I've been using make them very versatile for all types of movement from assisting me with exercises that I can't do on my own yet, to resistance exercises that work the muscles in all different directions! This first video is a total body Resistance Workout! In the one below, I am mostly using it to assist me in movements that I struggle with! If you don't have resistance bands, then you should definitely invest in some! They can give you such a great workout, they don't take up very much space, and they are pretty inexpensive compared to other fitness equipment.

Here is the First workouts breakdown:

2-4 Rounds!

•15 band clean and press in squat •15 each side- glute donkey kicks •10 band resisted squat jumps •10 each way- lateral squats with band in square •15 bent over band rows

P.S. I had to leave the part in with my cute little video bomber because it makes me so happy that he wants to exercise like his Mamma!

Resistance band Link

Here is the Assistance Workout! These can help you with almost any type of bodyweight exercise that you can't quite do on your own yet!

Here is the breakdown for this Workout! I didn't do a certain number of Rounds or Sets, but I will list each exercise!

-Superman Plyo Pushups ( you could use the band to help with regular push ups as well)

-Crow Pose to leg extension

-Knee or foot tap plyo push ups

-Inverted Rows

*I have more Resistance band workouts on my You Tube channel as well! Fitness Underground

-Remember to be careful when you are doing any movements that are plyometric or inverted so you don't hit your head on the ground!

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